Hello everybody, I am doing well. How about you? I just got back from Christmas break, I had a fun time. I received a picture frame which I’m going to put my Pluto picture from my family vacation to Disney World. I also received an Amazon gift card and used it to purchase the Planet Earth Series. This is a great program looking at various sections of the world. I’m still waiting for it to ship to me.

I used my movie tavern gift card yesterday to see a very funny movie titled parental guidance with Bette Midler I don’t know who the other actor was. I went there with my brother, his friend, and my mom. I had a Monte Cristo wrap, my mom had a cheeseburger, my brother and his friend had the game day planner. The food was ok but the movie was great!

On my first day of break my extended family had our Pollyanna. Santa came and handed out all the gifts. Our family still has young children so every year I get to relive being young. It’s great fun to see the kids’ expression of surprise. I was the DJ (trying anyway) for the party and mixed tunes for everyone, I even had “here comes Santa Clause” queued up right when he arrived. I got a jeopardy Xbox game and love it. As you may imagine my family had fun and ate a lot of food.

On New Year’s Eve, we stayed up till midnight and ate chocolate fondue and tons of other food, we had a lot of fun. I miss Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest did ok, but he’s no Dick Clark. During the nights festivities I also did a live web show on Youstream. I did a segment titled what happens next, where as an example, I show a video of a person walking down steps and they begin to stumble. I pause the video and ask, what happens next! Several people made funny guesses as to what happened and one person was correct. So you are not freaking out as to what happened I’ll tell you. The person fell down some steps into the snow. It was very funny! Why is a person falling so hilarious?

What did you do on your New Year’s Eve?

Happy New Year! See you next time.  If you have any questions feel free to post them and I will respond. If you need a DJ for your next party, we may be able to work out a good deal! LOL

PS here is the link to the video from my last blog. You can watch the whole thing or go to 14.30 and watch the segment on the STEP Transition Program. Some of the kids you see in the video also work with me at The Arc Alliance!