Hello everybody this week my blog will be about what I did over Thanksgiving break.

What I did over Thanksgiving break is I watch the movie read.

My reading is about retired federal Bureau of investigation agents that try and save the world. I also watched the polar express, which is about kids getting on the train to go see Santa Claus. I went up to my grandma’s for Thanks Giving, I had turkey mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie doughnuts and stuffing. It was a lot of fun.

We went up on Thursday and came back the same day. We were supposed to stay over on Wednesday, but because of the bad weather my Dad did not want to drive up because they live three hours away.

Here it is your proposal for today and you’re going to need a piece of paper for this. What I want you to do is take the words “new door” and turn them into one word. I wonder what you will think of. It took Mr. Scott way too long to discover the answer! You have a week to figure it out but post all the answers you think are correct, be honest!  Did you go out shopping on Black Friday? Mr. Scott’s wife did I think she is crazy for doing that. I would much rather buy my presents on-line, it’s much easier and I get to sleep!

Let me know what you did and don’t forget the word game I put in this blog!