Hello everybody, this week my blog will be about a challenge of my summer.

Summer cannot always be all swimming pools and ice cream, sometimes there are bad things that happen. For example at Camp which was supposed to be very, very fun filled with activity and ice cream my time was spent sick. It was gross of course because everybody in the whole camp had the stomach flu it was not fun. I had to come home from camp two days early but as soon as I got home I felt a little bit better.

I am thankful that at camp they have several counselors for each cabin which made getting ready and going to sleep each night pretty easy. Not only were my counselors nice they were also a bit crazy. We had a great time. My counselors were all from England! One was from Manchester and another was from London. I didn’t tell them that I think soccer is the most boring sport ever next to basketball!

As you know I enjoy food. The camp had great food and the chef could have come from a five star restaurant! I especially liked the person who made dessert. All the kids there were very partial to dessert, especially me!! My favorite dessert during camp (when I could eat) was the peach cobbler. I really like peaches and their cobbler was awesome!

Each night after dinner we had an activity ranging from a beauty pageant which I did not win, LOL, to a fear factor styled event. The counselors were the contestants. My counselor drank a bottle of hot sauce for his talent. I’m sure the next morning was not enjoyable for him!!! And get this he didn’t win!!

One of the challenges was for kids to find and eat hotdogs buried in Jell-O. The kicker was they could not use their hands! It was gross but fun to watch! I like this because it was gross to watch and I didn’t have to do it! Another fun challenge I enjoyed was when the contestant’s had to stuff their mouth with marshmallows and then say “chubby bunny”. This was not gross but very funny to watch and hear!

We also had a mock Prom which was fun. They had a DJ that played music and had a set up with flashing LIGHTS. The nurse was not happy with the lights, because it can bring on seizures. I don’t think any had a seizure but I’m not sure!! I did get to dance. You may be wondering how I do that. Well I raise my arms and move them to the beat. It was great fun. I’m sure Mr. Scott does not have the moves I have! LOL

The end of the summer was I was very bored with nothing to do Inc. made those last two weeks go really slow. I was ready to go back to school and see my teachers and my friends. I didn’t get to see my friends over the summer so I knew we would have a lot to talk about!

I would like to hear your thoughts and maybe won’t worry your bad experiences over the summer leave them as a comment thank you 🙂 and also what words you like to read about leave that in the comments seen next week