Hello everybody,

Today my blog will be about the title of my campaign. Well, as you will find out when my blog from last week is posted, I am starting a campaign called “What if…” This campaign will be about what disabled people can do, and not focusing on what they can’t do. You might be wondering how did I come up with the title “What if…” Well, not only did Scott, who is a master at coming up with titles for different things, help me come up with this title, I chose this title in part because I watched a video on Netflix called, “Push Girls”. The episode I watched was called “Inspiring Stories”. At the end of the video, one of the women who starred in the video said something that touched me in many different ways. She said, “When people try and climb Mount Everest and fail the people give up. In my modeling career when things are hard, I don’t give up and neither should you”. What if you failed your driver’s test? Would you give up the first time? I know I would not. The moral of the story is do not give up on your endeavors. If you keep trying, you will get your endeavors accomplished.

What do the words “What If…” mean to you? There are many different ways you can answer that question, such as what if you got a bad grade on your history test? What if you could not walk, just think about that for a minute? There are a lot of different scenarios we can ask ourselves, but no matter how many questions we ask ourselves we cannot come up with answers for everything. The one question I want you to think about when you finish with this article is, “What if I was disabled?” Just think about that.

That’s about it, see you next week.

Chandler 🙂