Hello everybody, this is my first official blog back at The Arc Alliance. I had a great summer with lots of stories that I will tell you over the next few weeks. Some of those stories were fun and others were downright horrible, but I’ll get into them all starting next week.

Today’s the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy and I would like to provide you with my feelings and perspectives.

When thinking of this tragedy of 9/11, I often ask myself the almost unanswerable question why.

Why hurt so many innocent people to get a point across, no matter how significant, political or religious the point may be? This seems like a selfish and unproductive way to act. The people in the towers had nothing to do with the issue the terrorist were trying to address. And they certainly had no way to positively help in the process.

I think that using words and a diplomatic approach would be better and possibly provide a way for others to use and address problems and injustices around the world.

I think of myself and others with disabilities and think that I could do something drastic, but would that be helpful? I don’t think so; I think that it’s better to establish a positive and productive way to help myself and others. For example, you remember last year I discussed the challenges of getting a new wheelchair that what enabled me to stand, relieving the pressure on my body. I and my family fought against the existing system and the insurance company using the legal system. Unfortunately, it did not work out at the time but we’re still pushing for a positive outcome. WHEN I succeed through using the system possibly others may benefit as well.

In thinking about the crash of flight 93 in the fields of the central Pennsylvania and as Americans we can take pride in the sacrifice of the passengers that gave up their lives to save others. This unfortunate act of terrorism provides us all the opportunity to unify the country and provide people and countries that are underserved and in needed with the support and protection they deserve.

Over the months of September I look forward to telling you about my summer and as always I would love for you to leave a response.

And for more information on 9/11 including a documentary entitled 9/11 where were you and him check out this web address around 5 PM www.youstream.com/roybobjim

That’s about it for this post! This is Chandler, wishing you a great day and a fun week. Bye for now.