Hi everybody .Today’s post is from Wednesday the 19th of December.

I have posted a new YouTube video, it is called Work. It is about the Spring-Ford transitional program. Step for short. In this video, Dr. Jean Marie Mason, explained how the program works.  Parent comments are included, and it discusses an end of the year complimentary breakfast that includes students, parents, the Job site supervisors and the Job coaches.

Some of the worksites that are part of the Step program are: The Arc Alliance, where I am working, Upper Schuylkill Valley Park, Pennsylvania Insert, The Spring-Valley YMCA, Chick-fil-A, Wonder Years Preschool and Waltz and Turtle Creek Golf courses. These locations provide students various opportunities to identify potential vocational directions.

My time at The Arc Alliance has enabled me to explore writing, to see if it may be something I would like to pursue as a career. There is a senior communications major intern from Unsinus College at The Arc Alliance who is going to spend some time with me so I can hear from him why he choose that as a major and if it may be good for me! We are going to connect after the holidays. I enjoy creating video’s for Youtube and other expressive arts so writing may be something that works together with my video clips. I’m not sure right now but I do enjoy figuring it out and working at The Arc Alliance.

That’s it! Have a Happy Holiday; see you in the New Year.    Chandler

PS I’ll post the link to video so you can check it out.