Hi everybody, I am back from Disney World! It was a lot of fun .We left at 4 AM on Saturday and drove to my South Carolina where my Uncle is stationed. We stayed at a military base in South Carolina with my Uncle. After visiting with my Uncle we left the next morning and arrived at Disney World around 6 PM on Sunday. The drive down was hard as I anticipated the fun we would have when we got there. When we did arrive we ate at a restaurant called the Big River. I had a very yummy meatloaf. Do you like meatloaf? We stayed at the Boardwalk resort which was great.

On Monday, we went to Epcot. We saw street shows and went on the Mission to Mars and the big ball ride. We also saw some fireworks.  On Tuesday, we went to Hollywood studios. I went on the big movie ride but unfortunately it was boring.  It had cheesy acting. After that we took a back lot studio tour and saw how they shoot action movies. It was AWESOME! We saw the most magnificent light show ever. It was called The Osborne’s Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Wednesday, Mom and I went to Animal Kingdom. We saw hippos, baby elephants and giraffes. We ate at the Rainforest Café and took a picture with a big animatronic elephant. Thursday, we went to Magic Kingdom. We rode on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Mom and I got to spend the whole afternoon together on the rides. We saw Cinderella’s Castle. I was able to go on about 90% of the rides, unfortunately not The Tower of Terror or Space Mountain. I was surprised at how many rides I could go on. Disney is the most magical place on earth…especially at night!

My last favorite meal was a Japanese dinner in Epcot. It was not my favorite. We had to order room service that night.

When we got back from vacation I had to do all my homework. My mom was a great help in getting it all completed. It’s been hard to re acclimate to “normal” life. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and have had trouble sleeping. School has been tough as well. The good thing was that I was able to tell all my classmates about my trip. It was also good to see my friends again. It would be great if the weather here in PA was as warm as it was in Florida. All week it was 70 degrees or warmer and no rain.

The one thing I miss about Disney World is how nice the people are there. As you may imagine, I bumped into people with my wheelchair and they were very nice and not upset. It was great at the beginning of the week workers would say have a magical day! At the end of the week it did get a bit old.

Pluto is my favorite character, obviously second to Mickey Mouse. I was able to get my picture with him and I purchased a plush Pluto.

This vacation provided me with a lot of great memories with my family. I need a vacation to recuperate from my Disney Vacation; I think my parents do as well.

Christmas is almost here and I have to go and get my Pollyanna gift. This Friday my class is taking a trip to the Exton Mall, so next week I’ll tell you all about it and how it goes. Have a great week!