Hi everybody today is Wednesday and I’m back at The Arc Alliance as part of my Spring-Ford High School internship program.

I’m wondering how your Thanksgiving was. Mine was good. On my break, I went over to my Aunt’s house. We had a lot of fun as we picked our Pollyanna’s for Christmas. Of course we ate a lot of food as well. The turkey was good but my favorite was the cranberry sauce! Like everyone I over ate and was very tired. I know a lot of people watch football on Thanksgiving, thankfully I didn’t. As you may guess, football is not my favorite. Baseball is #1 for me!! I can’t wait for spring training. Go Phillies!!! I watched a lot of movies this past week including several Christmas movies! What’s your favorite movie to watch over the holidays?

As you know from my last post, I went to court to convince the insurance company of my need for a new wheelchair.  Unfortunately, we lost to the insurance company who brought a big-name attorney that had more experience than us, and he knew the judge!! So I lost. I hope in the future that they may see the light and enable me to get this chair!!! As you can imagine, I and my family were very disappointed with the outcome. This is a fight that will continue and a lot of folks with or without a disability understand how hard it is to go up against the big insurance company!

On a positive note, next week I will be in the most wonderful place on earth, Disney World. This is our first family vacation in a long time!!  If you can imagine, we are leaving at 4 am so we can get there and enjoy the first day. I’m sure we will be excited; I hope I can sleep the night before! I can’t wait to ride all of the fun rides! I am hoping to go on the Tower of Terror and It’s a Small World. Have you gone to Disney World? What was your favorite ride or activity? We have the meal plan so I will be able to eat a ton of food!

I’m also looking forward to see all the Christmas lights and decorations. My favorite character is Mickey Mouse what is yours?

Next time I’ll tell you all about my vacation!

Talk to you soon!