Hi it’s me again; today I will be talking about why I am in a wheelchair and how my school got an I-Pad

But first let’s talk about why I am in a wheelchair. I have a non-contiguous disease called cerebral palsy. I have many different people helping me throughout the day. I have a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) that helps me with various daily living activities at home. This aid does not accompany me to school however. At School I have a great Instructional Assistant, Mr. Cartwright. He is fun to be with and has a great sense of humor. On a typical day at school he will help me with school work. On a lot of my assignments Mr. Cartwright will type my responses to questions. He helps me in this way because the cerebral palsy makes it very difficult to type on a keyboard. I use a voice recognition software package to help but it’s not always easy. If needed, he also helps me get to the cafeteria, nurse and to the integrated classroom for science.

My favorite class at school is science. I find it very interesting and engaging.

My school was granted an I-Pad for educational purposes. So I’m not allowed to play games or look up videos. We just got the I-Pad this past Monday, so I have not had a lot of time on it yet. They have several educational Apps on the I-Pad. The games they have help with timing and eye hand coordination. I am excited to use the I-Pad more in the future.

Today’s post is a bit challenging because I’m experiencing back spasms. As I am writing this I having one and it hurt’s a bit. After I leave The Arc Alliance I will probably go to the nurse. When this happens I typically take an aspirin. Sometimes I get these spasms because I slide down in my wheelchair to low and other times they just happen.

I’m currently looking at getting a new wheelchair that may help me to stand up. Unfortunately, the insurance company is not cooperating. I hope they will see the light and enable me to get this chair. Being able stand would help possibly to reduce the back spasms. But it wouldn’t help with my basketball playing. Haha!

This week in school my class is having a Thanksgiving feast. But I may miss it because I will be visiting with the insurance company’s representative in court. I wish the insurance company would see how this can help me instead of fighting over it.

Next week I will be off for Thanksgiving break. When I get back I’ll tell you all about the food I ate! Have a great Thanksgiving.