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What is Early Intervention at The Arc Alliance?

Welcome to The Arc Alliance Children’s Services! We are excited to share with you the support and services we provide children from birth to three years of age. In addition to services for your child, we also provide support for your family through groups and activities. We hope the information on our site provides you with the answers and steps to become part of our family. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services provides early intervention and support services to children between the ages of birth and three years with developmental delays.  Early Intervention services are designed to allow your child the opportunity to actively participate in family and community life.

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services teachers and therapists work on the outcomes identified by you for your child and Early Intervention activities occur in the places you choose to meet those outcomes, at home, in a child care setting or in the community.  It is not unusual to see Early Intervention Services taking place in the grocery store, the mall, at the doctor’s office, the library and on the playground.

Through the years we have found that families serve as an effective resource for each other.  Families gather for support, to receive information or to have fun.  We offer a variety of inclusive group activities throughout the year that make it easy and convenient for families to get together.

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services looks forward to serving you and your family!

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Early Intervention Services and Supports For Your Family

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Learn how you can get started

Okay, you have a concern about your child’s development; maybe your physician has diagnosed your child with an intellectual or developmental delay, maybe you are concerned about how your child is developing, or maybe a daycare provider, friend or family member has raised a concern.  You are not alone.  Navigating through the complex process to get the right help at the right time by the right people can be very confusing and frustrating to someone new to the system.  The Arc Alliance Children’s Services is here to help you. Watch this short video to get on your way!

How to get your child started in Early Intervention

Reaching out to The Arc Alliance Children’s Services is your first step to help you through the maze of figuring out how to best help your child.  We are here to help you find answers to your questions and put a plan together to get your child started on the path to success.

Let us help you through the process.

If you don’t have a medical diagnosis, taking a look at our Rack Cards may help you identify concerns in SpeechMotor Skills or possible behaviors on the Autism spectrum.  If you still have questions or concerns please call The Arc Alliance Children’s Services at 610-764-8754 (if by chance we are not available when you call, please leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you within 24 hours).

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One of the goals of The Arc Alliance Children’s Services is to help families navigate the Early Intervention system.  We can assist you in making phone calls to the County to set up the evaluation, discuss any concerns that you may have and be available for questions during the entire evaluation process.

Here is what happens next

For assistance with identifying services and support or if you need someone to listen to your situation please contact us at 610-265-4700 for Children’s Services or contact us today online and we will make contact with you as soon as possible.

As in all counties, Early Intervention is a free service.  If interested, contact your county through the telephone numbers listed below and request The Arc Alliance Children’s Services as your provider:

Berks County (SAM – Service Access & Management)

610-236-0361 TTY

Chester County

Montgomery County

Parent Resources

The Arc Alliance provides various support groups, programs and resources for individuals, parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers.  If you are interested in participating in any of the mentioned groups please contact or call us at 610-265-4700 and we will connect you with the appropriate group lead.  If you would like to see a group developed as an individual, parent or loved one please simply let us know through the contact us link at the top of this page.

Father’s Group – Come join the group for fathers of children with special needs.  They meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday from September through June from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. When the fathers meet, they discuss issues affecting them and their families, offering support to those who need it.  There is babysitting available so bring your children (all ages are welcome) and give the Moms a free morning to relax!!!  Please contact us at Contact Email to register.

“The Arc Alliance has so much to offer families! Our daughter and our entire family loves The Arc Alliance.”

Sandy Katz, Parent

“All the training has been great!

I don’t know what we would have done without 

The Arc Alliance!”

Julie Gerhart-Rothholtz, Parent

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Additional Resources

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services collects resources from a variety of sources. To assist you, we have links below  to resources in effort to aid you and your family. These valuable aids are categorized in several ways to best guide  you in your search.

Family Resources
Transition Resources
Transition Resources

Our Team


Nancy Stimson
Nancy StimsonExecutive Director
Wendy Halteman
Wendy HaltemanWestern Coordinator
Connie Viens
Connie ViensEastern Coordinator
Karen Haas
Karen HaasContractor Coordinator
Dana Blazo
Dana BlazoContractor Coordinator

Occupational Therapy

Ron Domeracki
Ron DomerackiOccupational Therapist
Cell Phone #: 484-919-9490
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2005
Expertise: Autism, Feeding, Sensory, Signing, Vision
Personal Interests: Gardening, Sports, anything outdoors

Janice Hudes
Janice HudesOccupational Therapist
Cell Phone #: 267-934-9699
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2013 and was a contractor for 11 years
Expertise: NDT Certified-Basic, NDT Certified-Baby Course, feeding experience, worked in pediatric rehab setting, worked in pediatric in acute OT hospital setting, prior experience in NICU, sensory integration
Personal Interests: Travel, gardening, drawing, painting, sewing and reading

Physical Therapy

Ellen Casey
Ellen CaseyPhysical Therapist
Cell Phone #: 267-664-2294
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2013 and was a contractor for 8 years
Expertise: Down Syndrome, Massage Therapy, NDT Certified, Prematurity, Torticollis, Certified Infant Parent Instructor
Personal Interests: Enjoys gardening, hiking and watching soccer.
Carol Scheuerman
Carol ScheuermanPhysical Therapist
Cell Phone #: 215-380-5057
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2009
Expertise: NDT and Total Motion Release, Yoga Certified Teacher, Yoga for Special Needs and Infant Massage
Personal Interests: Yoga, Reiki, homeopathy, bike riding, hiking and herbs
Elizabeth Werkheiser “Beth”
Elizabeth Werkheiser “Beth”Physical Therapist
Cell Phone #: 484-868-3744
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2006
Expertise: Massage Therapy CEIM, NDT, Torticollis, Total Motion Release 1 & 2 for Tots & Adults and Cerebral Palsy, Brachial Plexus Injury, Toe Walking, Pediatric Yoga
Personal Interests: Therapeutic horseback riding, yoga, needlepoint and family
Rebecca Westwood “Becky”
Rebecca Westwood “Becky”Physical Therapist
Cell Phone #: 610-906-4263
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2006
Expertise: Down Syndrome, Massage Therapy, NDT, Spanish, Torticollis and Total Motion Release
Personal Interests: Gardening, knitting, Pilates and walking

Social Work

Tonya MacCoy
Tonya MacCoySocial Worker
Cell Phone #: 610-547-0768
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2006
Expertise: Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy
Personal Interests: Reading, politics and enjoying the outdoors

Special Instructors

Christie Cendali
Christie CendaliSpecial Instructor
Email: ccendali@thearcalliance.org
Cell Phone #: 610-999-1605
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2008
Expertise: ABA, Autism, Behavior
Personal Interests: Enjoys bargain shopping (especially for toys), going out to dinner and spending family time together.
Kimberly Fulmer
Kimberly FulmerSpecial Instructor
Cell Phone #: 610-247-3893
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2015 and was a contractor for 5.5 years
Expertise: ABA, Autism, Behavior, Signing, VB (Verbal Behavior)
Personal Interests: I enjoy spending time with family and friends
Melissa Kalil
Melissa KalilSpecial Instructor
Cell Phone #: 484-868-0436
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2004
Expertise: ABA, Autism, Behavior
Personal Interests: Family, baking and photography
Melissa Renner
Melissa RennerSpecial Instructor
Cell Phone #: 610-291-7755
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2007
Expertise: Autism, Behavior, Down Syndrome, Massage Therapy and Prematurity
Personal Interests: Reading, tennis, photography, traveling, spending time with my family and friends and watching my boys play sports
Angie Sunday
Angie SundaySpecial Instructor
Cell Phone #: 484-868-0428
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2000
Expertise: Diversity
Personal Interests: Walking on the beach, jogging, bike riding, yoga, snow skiing, along with traveling and most of all – spending time with my friends and family 🙂

Speech-Language Pathology

Susan Kane
Susan KaneSpeech-Language Pathology
Cell Phone #: 484-868-0426
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2000
Expertise: Autism, Down Syndrome, Feeding, Signing and Hearing Impairment
Personal Interests: Sings in a chorus, gardening, hiking and yoga
LeAnne Liebl
LeAnne LieblSpeech-Language Pathology
Cell Phone #: 516-946-1280
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2015
Expertise: Level 2 PROMPT Trained (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Musculature Phonetic Targets)
Personal Interests: Running, yoga, photography and cooking.
Lori Nichol
Lori NicholSpeech-Language Pathology
Cell Phone #: 484-868-0441
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2000
Expertise: Autism, Down Syndrome, Feeding, Signing, PECS Certified, Hanen Certified (It Takes Two To Talk & More Than Words), Oral Placement Therapy, Prader Willi.
Personal Interests: Gardening, collecting antiques and Pilates
Amy Overholtzer
Amy OverholtzerSpeech-Language Pathology
Cell Phone #: 484-868-2168
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2006
Expertise: Feeding
Personal Interests: Crafts, knitting, my kids and my dogs
Karen Sardella
Karen SardellaSpeech-Language Pathology
Cell Phone #: 610-952-3496
Started at The Arc Alliance in 2009
Expertise: 20+ years’ experience working with Speech-Language Disorders, Assistive Technology, Down Syndrome, Prematurity, Signing, Prompt Trained, PECS, Motor Planning/Apraxia – Specifically trained in Kaufman Treatment Approach for Apraxia. Trained in Florida State University’s Autism Navigator.
Personal Interests: Biking, spending time with my family and 3 kids, reading on the beach and vacations!