A special congratulations to Susan Ryan for being awarded “Educator of the Year” at this year’s Developmental Disabilities Annual Awards Ceremony.

“Susan Ryan is being recognized for her compassion and dedication to the children and families she serves as a Speech and Language Pathologist in Early Intervention through The Arc Alliance Children’s Services. Her nominations came from families, other therapists, and colleagues. Susan is respected and admired for her many years of hard work, dedication, and passion. Susan is someone who truly goes “above and beyond” for her children and their families. She takes the time to get to know her children and families. Families that work with Susan know that she truly cares about their children and feel comforted by her willingness to provide detailed explanations of her therapeutic strategies.

One parent described how Susan “sparked the desire” within her son “to engage with others thus marking the beginning of the tremendous progress he began to make under Susan’s direction.” Several strategies were implemented to encourage the child’s interaction with others. Showcasing her commitment to the family, Susan even created a picture book with all members of the child’s family to ensure the child could get to know his family. Actions like these show her dedication. Her passion for her work leaves an indelible imprint on all the children and families she encounters.

We are grateful for the gift of Susan Ryan.”