Hey Harrisburg, where’s the budget?


It doesn’t seem like many of our elected officials care about individuals with disabilities. As they are on break without a budget for the state, the citizens of Pennsylvania are the ones who suffer. Rep Gene DiGirolamo a true friend of those with disabilities has introduced a compromise budget which is currently not getting attention. DiGirolamo indicated that he has heard, legislators are not really hearing from constituents regarding supporting the restoration of the 10% cut to the block grants. We can change that today!

Harrisburg and political negotiations of the budget impasse might feel like a world away, but the impact of the budget impasse is being felt in every county. The PA General Assembly is currently on break until August. Meanwhile the budget process is still stalled. Until a budget is passed, funds will not get to the essential services used by Pennsylvanians with disabilities. This is hurting people with disabilities now and the ripple effect of this impasse has the potential to continue to hurt people into the future!

We can make a difference! Now is the time to contact both your legislators and the Governor’s office to urge them to support that restoration, tell them that people with disabilities can’t wait!

The Arc of Pennsylvania continues advocating for a budget that values Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Contact your legislator and let them know your priorities for our state.

What you can say or email:

  • I am a member of The Arc Alliance
  • As one of your constituents, I am contacting you  _________ to voice my concern for the lack of leadership in approving the Sates budget
  • The inability of our elected officials to approve a budget is impacting individuals with disabilities and you must act now
  • Rep Gene DiGirolamo has introduced a compromise budget, I urge you to support this restoration of the 10% cut to the block grant
  • Pointing the finger is not an option we demand action
  • Thank you