EI Resources for use by our Early Intervention Staff and Contractors.

This is your section of the web site where needed documents and resources will be made available for you to easily download and use 24/7! Documents may be available in Word, Excel or PDF formats. If you do not have Adobe or another reader you will have problems with the PDF formats. Download Adobe Reader

Training Outcome Submission Form – Click here to submit form

General staff email instructions  – GENERAL EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS

List and email for The Arc Alliance Children’s Services Administration and Staff:
EI Staff Directory DEC 2018

CPR & First Aid Class Schedule – Click here for class schedule

Training Opportunities for All Staff:

“The Power of Partnership, Part 2: Breaking Down Barriers and Building Partnerships”.  Below is the direct link to allow to you to access the padlet which has been updated with resources on working with childcare settings.   https://padlet.com/sbarno/Power_of_Partnership_10_8_18

PCHC (Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care).   https://www.pchc.org/education/online-trainings

Other Health Care Quality Units (HCQU) in the state.   https://www.myodp.org/course/index.php?categoryid=193

Computer and iPhone Tips

Set up your voicemail on iPhone 6
Turning Off Smart Quotes
How to Clear Cookies, Temp Files and History
Copy and Paste in Word or Excel Tip Sheet
Word Count – How to do in Microsoft Word
Pop-Up Block Tip Sheet