The most prominent sChild Walk Julie Evan & Mitchtatement on The Arc Alliance’s webpage is “Achieve with us”, and the actions of Arc therapists demonstrate a commitment that makes that happen. I became very familiar with and grateful for The Arc Alliance when my son Evan was born with Down syndrome.

It’s difficult to describe feelings parents have when they receive an unexpected diagnosis, but in an instant, your carefully laid plans are interrSlideupted and your world tilts on its axis. My husband and I knew immediately that Early Intervention (EI) was critical, and we called to obtain EI services upon leaving the hospital with our son. Evan’s EI case landed at The Arc Alliance, and his therapy began when he was only one month old. From the first visit, the goal was to help Evan achieve, and the focus was on all Evan could do and be. With that, we started to feel our world wasn’t so tilted

Evan received occupational, physical, and speech therapies and special instructor services from The Arc Alliance. His therapists were dedicated, persistent, and constantly learning. They shared their ideas and listen to ours and consulted with each other to propel Evan toward his goals. Evan’s therapists were also incredibly accessible beyond the time they were assigned to him, and they even attended the National Down Syndrome Congress to learn how best to help Evan and other individuals with Down syndrome. Their attendance at the conference meant long hours on a weekend, but they enthusiastically attended classes and began incorporating information learned from the conference into Evan’s therapy.

Evan’s EI therapists were a significant part of Evan’s birth to 3 life, and they remain part of our lives today. We occasionally see them, and we send them messages and pictures, especially when Evan achieves something new. Evan’s former therapists support him each year by attending the Buddy Walk for CHOP as members of his team. I feel grateful for our Early Intervention experience, for the Arc Alliance, and for the wonderful therapists who worked hard to help Evan achieve.