Our friends of The Arc Alliance,

I wanted to take a moment to express our fabulous experience with The Arc Alliance.  Our daughter Peyton began this journey with receiving home based therapy.  We were blessed to have three wonderful ladies provide therapy servic20150731_123747es, these ladies became part of our family.  Peyton absolutely excelled as a result from the therapy she received.  During that time we were invited to attend Ms. Fran’s  Music Together program.  I was a little reluctant at first, not knowing how Peyton would handle this very new experience.  After the first few classes, I was ready to quit.  Ms. Fran kept encouraging and reassuring me that Peyton would become more accepting to the program.  Thanks to Ms. Fran, I didn’t quit, I continued to push through each week.  As the second session began I could see progress being made, and as the weeks passed Peyton grew to enjoy the class more and more.  Now we are in our third session and we absolutely LOVE it.  Peyton looks forward to attending each and every class, as do I.  Peyton is participating and has become a good model for the other children in the class.  It is utterly amazing to think back at where w20150805_130503e started, and see how much Peyton has blossomed and the unbelievable progress that she has made. We have been able to watch our daughter make strides of progress in her developmental growth.   We have had many memorable moments with The Arc Alliance and we have built friendships and new relationships.  It has been a relief to have the opportunity to participate and grow with other families that are experiencing similar struggles.  The alliance has been a reminder that we are not alone, and there is support available.  I give credit to all of the staff at the Arc Alliance for helping our family.  Words could never truly express our deepest gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you The Arc Alliance!

By: Hattie Terkowski