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Whether you haOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAve left Early Intervention and are moving into the school system or you are getting ready to Transition out of high school, the Supports Coordinator is here to help you through the process.  It is helpful to have a professional be able to guide you through questions that come up when your child goes to school.

The first step towards acquiring services is to determine eligibility.   A Psychological evaluation signed by a licensed Psychologist, a School Psychologies or Psychiatrist that documents Full Scale IQ of under 70 prior to the age of 22 is needed. The I/DD individual will need a document of financial eligibility to show assets are less than $2,000.  Also a current physical (within 1 year) that indicates an ID diagnosis.  Additional documentation requirements can vary by county.

Once you have that information you can contact The Arc Alliance if you have any questions about how to obtain the IMG_2261above information and we can walk you through the process (please contact, or call our office at 610-265-4700). Or if you have any other questions that we can help you with just give us a call.

Next you will need to contact your local County office for an intake to register for services through the Intellectual Disabilities System. Call the below appropriate number and ask for the Intake Officer.

  • Berks County: 610-236-0530
  • Bucks County: 215-444-2800
  • Chester County: 610-344-6265
  • Montgomery County: 610-278-5666
  • Philadelphia County: 215-685-4677

19After you review all your information with the Intake Officer you will be asked to choose an agency and keep in mind that you do not need to live close the that office. The Supports Coordinator will come to you so we hope that you will consider The Arc Alliance for your provider. Our core values focus on YOU:


  • Person-Centered Planning
  • Full community inclusion
  • Increased accessibility of Supports Coordinators
  • Utilizing all resources to ensure that every option is made available
  • Collaboration with providers to create individualized programs
  • Promoting relationships with family and friends
  • Efficient and responsible use of funding sources
  • Coordination with other systems and services
  • Support and Programs
    • Sibling Group
    • Moms Group
    • Fathers Group
    • Music Class (Early Intervention)

Expect, Receive and Achieve with Us.

The Arc Alliance is pleased to provide Staff with the following resources, publications, forms, and links to aid you in serving and supporting families in our community.

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