Hello everybody. This week my blog will be about my response to the video that the Arc Alliance put up on their website. I have a suggestion. You should watch the video first and then come back and read this.

Video Link

As you may know, I have the same disability as Alex’s brother. That means I have some different challenges in my life, but I can overcome those challenges if I put my heart into it. Some of those challenges include getting out of bed. Someone needs to pick me up. Writing at school, I have an instructional assistant to help me write and to sometimes push me when I am not working hard enough. Sometimes I will need help eating as well because it is sometimes hard for me to get the food to my mouth. This video showed me that sometimes you can’t do everything on your own. Sometimes you need someone else to help you. My brother also has a disability like me, but he has different challenges. For instance, he has limited use of his left hand. I do not know if he’s just lazy and does not want to use it, or if he just can’t.

Let me give you a brief synopsis on what the video you’re about to see or have already seen is about. Up until four years ago, Canada did not win a gold medal at a home Olympics. That all changed when Alex won a gold medal in skiing four years ago. He said his inspiration came from his disabled brother Frederick, who has CP. That is the same disability that my brother and I have. Frederick inspired Alex to win that gold medal, and that is what the video is about. Frederick inspires his brother, so are you wondering who inspires me? Well I will tell you, my teacher Mr. Feldmann inspires me, because he pushes me to do things that I thought I could not do before.

That’s about it.

Chandler 🙂