Direct Support Professionals play a critical role for individuals with disabilities and their families. In many cases these staff become almost as close as family. The Arc Alliance and all our staff are honored to be part of our families lives. We are also happy that Governor Wolf has taken time to recognize those in our community who have dedicated their lives and careers to supporting individuals with disabilities and their families.

As you see Governor Wolf has crafted and presented a state proclamation, identifying, September 9-15 2018 as a time to recognize and appreciate those professionals who contribute to the enhancement of the lives of individuals with disabilities. Although many families share their appreciation regularly with direct support staff, we urge you to take a moment this week to share your appreciation with those professionals working with you and your family.

Your words of thanks will go a long way with those who support you throughout the year. You may also like to share your words of appreciation to the broader community. We encourage you to comment on this blog post and/or share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.  You are also able to provide a financial gift of support in appreciation of your staff online here. Any way you are able to share your thanks is appreciated by both Staff and The Arc Alliance!

The Arc Alliance thanks our staff for their dedication to their work and the families they support. We recognize each person and family has a choice as to whom they select as a service provider and we thank our families for selecting us as their provider of choice.