In support of Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc Alliance has been advocating and working with legislators and administrations for decades to resolve the five remaining state funded centers. The Arc Alliance is proud to commend Governor Tom Wolf, Department of Human Services Secretary Ted Dallas and all those in support for their courageous action in announcing the closure of the Hamburg State Center. Secretary Dallas expects the closure to take approximately 18-24 months.

“For the 30 years I have been CEO of The Arc Alliance, our goal has been to provide individuals with the freedom of choice and support to live as independent a life as possible. Research has shown, people with developmental disabilities function better when living in the community with increased independent life skills than those living in institutions. In addition, the potential cost savings associated with the closure will permit the state to serve more people on the Intellectual Disabilities and Autism waiting list for services. The announced closure of the Hamburg State Center is another step forward in our fight for the individual freedoms we all deserve.”

On January 30th, Paul Stengle as well as many other organizations and individuals participated in a public hearing regarding the closure of Hamburg Stat Center. Below is Paul Stengles presentation.

The Arc Alliance’s mission is to support individuals of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities, by providing exceptional personal services, support and training; inspiring hope, potential, and well-being; ensuring valued life experiences and treatment expected by all people. The closures of the Hamburg State Center enables 80 individuals to transition into a community setting, strengthen the connection with family, expand social experiences and ultimately increase their quality of life.