Housing & Mortgages

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Housing & Mortgages for People with Disabilities

There are many options for your loved one when it comes to housing, as well as important details that you will need to look into. Your Supports Coordinator can help you figure out what is the best fit for his or her needs.

Buying a home2017-11-16T14:35:31-05:00

This guide has been created to help individuals living with  disabilities, and their family members, in the process of buying a home of their own. Here you can learn more about the five important steps in buying a home and about financial assistance programs that are available for you living with disabilities, who want to buy a home.

After reading this guide to home ownership for people living with disabilities, you will know more about:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of buying a home
  • The most important steps in the home-buying process
  • Common terms related to home-buying
  • How to get started in your quest to purchase a home
  • Financial assistance geared toward enabling  you living with disabilities to buy your own homes

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