Many people think that donating blood is a nice thing, but just can’t be bothered with taking the time to go and donate. Truth be told I had the same thought. It’s not often that someone donates and gets immediate feed back on who their donation will impact. However, at our third blood drive on June 14th one donor Frank Haas, spouse of Karen a staff at The Arc Alliance, was told that his donation was going directly to CHOP and will be given to an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

As I mentioned On June 14th CHOP’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit needed Blood for a premature baby! On that same morning, The Arc Alliance hosted our 3rd blood drive, where Frank took a few minutes on a Saturday morning to donated blood. Frank’s blood was drawn and immediately, and I mean immediately taken to CHOP to help that young life. This is certainly a feel good story and one we all can share. Don’t delay or put off to another time, donate at our next blood drive.

Sign up for one of our next drives and help us reach 300 pints! Thank you and thank you FRANK!