Josh is a 26 year-old young professional living independently in an apartment in Narberth, PA. He lives alone, but is looking for a girlfriend that he would like to live with one day. He currently works as a job coordinator at Career Link, which actually started out as a volunteer position before being hired as a paid employee. This year, Josh won JEVS’ Inspiration Award for the ability to inspire others with his story.

Prior to working, Josh graduated from Beacon College in Florida and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and an Associate’s degree in Web and Social Media. One of his favorite memories from college was having many supportive friends around.  During his junior and senior years of college, he lived by himself in an apartment with a full-sized bathroom and kitchen. Although it’s been a few years since he graduated, he still keeps in contact with his friend Matt, who supported him throughout his college career.

Josh chose a career in Human Services because he was inspired by all the people who helped him throughout his life, and he wanted to give back to others just as they had. His entire family supports him too. When asked what he loves and appreciates most about his family, Josh stated, “I appreciate that my family is there for me no matter what happens.”

When not working, Josh enjoys being outdoors and playing basketball and baseball. He also likes watching football and baseball, spending time with friends, and playing video games. Josh also is an experienced traveler, previously visiting Amsterdam, Paris, Normandy, and Israel. During the summer of 2017, he’ll travel to Tuscany, Italy to attend his cousin’s wedding. If Josh could travel anywhere, he’d like to visit Australia.

Josh’s life motto is: “Life is a journey and it’s always important to have a backup plan on that journey.” Those are wise words to live by. Congratulations to Josh for all he’s accomplished so far in his life and for being an inspiration to others!