Our very own Jill Zielinski, Arc Advocacy Services, County Director of Advocacy has been nominated for the second annual Women’s Achievement Award through KYW 1060.

If you’d like to complete a nomination form, please go to:
They ask that you compose a brief write up as to why you think I should win (under 100 words.) Here are some of the entries sent in so far:

In life, there are people who touch your heart in amazing ways. Jill is one of these rare gems. Her pure selfless nature fills my heart with admiration and respect. Her work at ARC as an Advocate and Supports Coordinator for the mentally challenged and autistic clientele, allows her sincere compassion to shine through. Although the monetary compensation is not great, her rewards are assisting those in need. Life is richer knowing this special young woman.

Jill’s approach to work is filled with compassion, determination and inspiration. She is an Advocate and Supports Coordinator for ARC and assists developmentally disabled and autistic clients. She works tirelessly helping her clients through their challenges and always displaying sincere warmth and acceptance of their needs. Jill is a force to be recognized and will find a way to meet her clients needs. Her accomplishments and contributions in this field are many. She is dedicated to understanding and promoting an understanding of Autism. Jill is a rare and very special woman.

And here’s the one from my husband, who started this whole thing…
I’d love to nominate my successful wife, Jill. Not only is she the best wife in the world, she makes me a better person. She is an award-winning advocate for adults with developmental disabilities. I’m not going to say that they are people who can’t help themselves, they deserve more credit. She helps people who are often over-looked or misunderstood because of their mental or physical conditions. She has protected hundreds from abuse and neglect, dedicating her life to them. She loves the people she works with, and they love her back just as much.

Thank You so much for all your support!!!!!