Paul Stengle – Chief Executive Officer

Paul has served The Arc Alliance as CEO for 30 incredible years. His professional accomplishments are numerous and monumental. Paul’s work on closing state institutions and his role in reforming education for individuals with disabilities is foundational to his commitment to this community.

Paul’s volunteer and systemic involvement is vast; here is just a sampling of his accomplishments. A member of the Early Intervention Coalition; President of Parent-to-Parent; member of Representative O’Brien’s EI Stakeholders meetings; member of the Pennsylvania Waiting List Campaign; Founding member of Direct Care Partnership; Founding member of the Community Advocacy Coalition; Past Board member of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities; past Vice President of the Montgomery County MR Providers Association; past President of The Arc Community Trust of Pennsylvania; past Board member of the Patrician Society; past Board member and Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Pennsylvania Association of Rehab Facilities; and past Co-Chairperson of the Transition Team on Human Service Task Force of Mont. County. He is a member and past President of the PA Conference of Executives of The Arc.  He was past Board member of DRN and helped create and is President of the Delaware Valley Guardian Association.

More significantly, Paul has lead The Arc Alliance from a small agency serving a few hundred individuals to a robust organization support over 2,500 individuals and their families. Paul’s commitment and drive remains strong as he expands services, fights for systemic improvements and advocates for the rights of individuals and families.

Paul’s commitment goes well beyond a professional perspective to a personal drive assisting individuals and families fight for the rights everyone deserves. His unwavering commitment to the developmentally disabled community sets Paul apart as a leader and force within the community.

The Arc Alliance Boards

The Arc Alliance
Advocacy Services
Children’s Services
Pat Leo
Pat LeoChief Operating Officer
Throughout Pat’s 20+ year career in disability services she has provided direct service, supervision, management and leadership, delivering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the support and services required to realize their goal and right of self-determination.
Pat joined The Arc Alliance in 2006 and since that time has performed a critical role as an officer and Secretary of the Pennsylvania Conference of Executives. As COO for The Arc Alliance Pat is an integral executive, involved and providing oversight in management and service provision for The Arc Alliance. Pat demonstrates the utmost of integrity, exemplified by her simple yet profound question at every level, “what is the right thing to do”. Pat has shown herself to be a tremendous advocate for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is not uncommon for her to be working weekends and after hours with individuals who receive guardianship services from The Arc Alliance.
Mike Kudla
Mike KudlaChief Financial Officer
Mike began his career with The Arc Alliance as The Chief Financial Officer in 2007. Mike has a B.S. in Accounting from Penn State, M.B.A. from LaSalle University and was a CPA for 25 years. Mike taught Accounting at DeVry University and has been a Certified Public Accountant at Ernst Young as well as President of his own firm prior to joining The Arc Alliance. Mike serves as a member of the administrative leadership team, oversees the finance and data entry departments and serves on The Arc Alliance Finance committee of the Board. Mike’s extensive career in public accounting provides The Arc Alliance with a strong financial perspective and focus on transparent reporting.
Monica Wiggins
Monica WigginsExecutive Director of The Arc Alliance Guardianship Services
Monica has over ten years of direct family and individual with disabilities support experience. As the director of Advocacy Monica supervised the Support Coordination staff and provided family support herself. Monica possesses direct experience with various state and local agencies as well as extensive knowledge of young children, adults and the service issues and requirements they require. Through her professional experience Monica has logged thousands of hours of support, navigating and training families to better support and seek assistance for their child through the educational system and beyond. Today Monica is the Director of Community Services overseeing Guardianship, Representative Payee and Community Support Programs.
Jessica Wagaman
Jessica WagamanExecutive Director of The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services
As a young child Jessica’s father introduced her to people with developmental disabilities through his own career in the disabilities community, since that time she has had a passion for supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities.
Jessica has her B.A. in Social Work from Elizabethtown College and has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities for the past 10 years. Jessica began her career as a Supports Coordinator and has built on that experience to join The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services as the SCO Director . As the Supports Coordination Organization Director for The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services, she continues to use her passion and dedication to support the individual and families that we serve. Jessica oversees and directs a staff of 32 Supports Coordinators.
Frances Crowe
Frances CroweAssistant Director of Training and Staff Development of The Arc Alliance Children's Services
Fran began her 25 year career in 1991 as a crisis counselor for women. Fran’s experience ranges from Case Management to Co-Executive Director of The Arc Alliance Children’s Services. Fran began her career with The Arc Alliance in 1993 as an Early Intervention Teacher and has been active in children’s and their family’s life providing therapy and support. With a B.A. in Psychology and professional certificates in DIR©, Infant Massage and Teacher of the Music Together program, Fran has been active in teaching staff and families innovative approaches to advance a child’s development. Fran has decades of experience with providing direct services to families as well as an expansive involvement with systemic change on the county level. As Co-Executive Director of The Arc Alliance Children’s Services Fran is active supervising staff, coordinating extensive professional training, advancing quality standards, providing direct care and ensuring over 600 families receive services that reflect the best Early Intervention practices.
Nancy Stimson
Nancy StimsonExecutive Director of The Arc Alliance Children's Services
Nancy began her career with The Arc Alliance Children’s Services in 1994 and has provided support, oversight and administrative leadership. Nancy has served in various roles at The Arc Alliance providing her with a well-rounded understanding of both service and county systems. Throughout her 22 year career with The Arc Alliance Children’s Services, Nancy has engaged families, staff and the community to provide both individual therapeutic service as well as family support in the least restrictive environments. As Co-Executive Director of The Arc Alliance Children’s Services, Nancy oversees and supervises 29 direct care staff as well as over 100 contract therapists. Nancy serves on the administrative leadership team and works directly with Berks, Bucks and Montgomery County Administration.