BCTV-Scott, Emily, Joyce, Anthony, Linda

Right to Left – Linda Chesney, Anthony Rogers, Joyce Boswick, Emily Smith and Scott Camilleri

The Arc Alliance hosts a month program on BCTV a local cable channel based i Berks County. The program airs the first Tuesday of each month at 11am and then is replayed throughout the month. You can always link to the archived episodes through The Arc Alliance website. LINK

The program has a simple format and goal, which is to inform and provide resources regarding Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, individuals rights and how The Arc Alliance can support them in life.

This past Tuesday we had a great time discussing Supports Coordination and how The Arc Alliance Supports Coordinators help individuals inn the community.  Two individuals The Arc Alliance supports participated in this live show. Anthony and Joyce both provided their perspective and goals for the future. During the show we were able to discuss several important topics ranging from work, relationships, art and crafts to future interests and goals.

Please take a moment and check out this and our earlier recorded episodes.