Madelyn-and-Bryce-Liberi-150x150Do you remember when you were turning 9 years old? For most children turning 9, thoughts of presents are the norm, but not for Madelyn Liberi. Her birthday wish was not for herself, but to celebrate her younger brother Bryce.
Madelyn has the heart of an advocate.

What a joy it was for The Arc Alliance to receive a phone call from Heather Liberi regarding her daughter Madelyn’s desire to forgo presents at her birthday party. Instead, Madelyn wanted to collect the funds that would have been spent on presents so she could give a gift on her own birthday! This mature and considerate 9-year-old turned her own presents into a gift that she presented to The Arc Alliance on behalf of her younger brother Bryce, to thank those that work with him!

Bryce receives various services from The Arc Alliance Children’s Services staff. Madelyn sees the impact of those working with Bryce on a daily basis and wanted to show her appreciation and support. Madelyn, at 9, will be The Arc Alliance’s youngest donor! More than the youngest donor, Madelyn is a MAJOR donor in our eyes.

Madelyn’s sacrifice and consideration for others has inspired other children from her school and play groups to follow in her footsteps and forgo presents on their birthdays and instead give gifts to nonprofits that help others in their communities! Madelyn is an inspiration not only to her peers, but also to many adults, and certainly to the staff and administration at The Arc Alliance.

On June 4, 2012, Madelyn, mom Heather, and brothers Bryce, Braden, and Blake presented Paul Stengle and Loretta Clift with the funds she collected (over $400) in support of The Arc Alliance.