Meet Debbie, a remarkable individual whose life has been transformed with the help of The Arc Alliance. With the help of her Supports Coordinator, Aiesha Johnson, Debbie recently moved into her own apartment. “Life before was very lonely. I wanted to move so badly. It’s much better now than before. I am meeting new neighbors here. I made new friends. I can go grocery shopping. I like it better now,” says Debbie. “I’m not so isolated anymore. I think that is what I was missing from my life, to go out in the community.”

Debbie now receives “supported living” services, where she works with a team that visits regularly, takes her to appointments, helps her with finances, takes her grocery shopping, to therapy sessions, and assists her independent involvement in the community. Debbie’s father said the change has made an incredible difference in her life.

“Debbie is involved now. She has people to talk to. When she wants to go somewhere, she can get a ride. It used to be a battle. She used to be alone at home. It was really hard for her to stay home all day. Now, she can go meet people and go somewhere like the store. It makes her feel like she exists now. Thank you for your help finding these resources for Debbie.”

The Arc Alliance’s support has transformed Debbie’s life, helping her to build connections and gain independence, and bringing joy and fulfillment into her everyday experiences.