Meet Meg! Meg has worked with the Arc Alliance since 2017 receiving Supports Coordination Services.  In March of 2023, Meg was the recipient of the Montgomery County Office of Developmental Disabilities Personal Achievement Award for her work at Peaceful Living.  Meg enjoyed her work behind the scenes in HR.  Unfortunately, Meg was laid off and is looking for a new job.

Meg loves to sing, dance, and act in plays.  Her favorite musical was Peter Pan when she was cast as ‘Michael.’  Meg has been a Special Olympics athlete participating in bowling, equestrian, golf, basketball, soccer, and swimming.  In her free time Meg enjoys book club, working out at the YMCA, and hanging with friends.

Sydney CitaraManis is Meg’s Supports Coordinator who helps Meg to achieve her goals:

“My goal is to get a job and live on my own.  I’m excited to have freedom. Sydney has worked with me on the life skills program and I need to practice living on my own and get employment.”

Sydney connected Meg with her Direct Support Professional (DSP), Heather, who helps Meg to develop the life skills she needs to achieve the independence she desires. Together they support Meg as she searches for a new job.

As an ambassador for The Arc Alliance, Meg helps spread the word about the important work we do for individuals with disabilities. You can meet Meg at our upcoming events. Meg’s advice for people is simple: “Be Kind.”