At The Arc Alliance, we have the privilege of working with many wonderful families, and Thomas’s story is a testament to the impact early intervention can have. Thomas, a lively and determined almost three-year-old with Down Syndrome, began his journey with us shortly after a brief stay in the NICU. We asked his mom to share her son’s story:

“Our son Thomas has Down Syndrome, after a short stay at the NICU, we came home and started early intervention services. We started out with occupational therapy, and as Thomas progressed, we added physical therapy, speech, and special instruction. His teacher and therapists from the Arc Alliance showed our family both patience and kindness. They were a constant source of encouragement and support for our family. We always felt confident in their skills, experiences, and knowledge. They pushed Thomas to reach his full potential while at the same time respecting his boundaries. They held high expectations for Thomas, adjusted the expectations as needed, and supported us to achieve those expectations. Most importantly, they always made it fun for us as a family. Thomas is almost three now and we have thrived as a family under our team of a teacher and therapists. We look forward to seeing what the future holds but are sad to say goodbye to our team as we have seen the positive changes in Thomas and our family.”

Thomas’s story highlights the profound impact that early intervention can have on children with developmental challenges. At The Arc Alliance, we are committed to providing the support, expertise, and care that children like Thomas need to achieve incredible milestones. It has been an honor to be part of Thomas’s journey and to witness the hope, strength, and joy that our services bring to families.