Meet Renna, a bright and resilient 3.5-year-old, who has a rare genetic disorder called Pitt Hopkins. Her journey with The Arc Alliance began when she was 1.5 years old, and Early Intervention (EI) quickly became the most transformative experience for her and her family.

When Renna first started EI, she couldn’t roll over or sit up on her own. The therapists from The Arc Alliance came into her home every week, bringing not only their expertise but also a sense of hope and determination. They taught Renna’s family so much about how to support her development and provided them with the tools and techniques needed to help her progress. Now Renna is pulling to stand and has started to take a few independent steps. These milestones are monumental for her. Through EI, Renna has also begun to communicate in her own way, which has been a significant breakthrough for her and her family.

The dedicated therapists at The Arc Alliance have played a crucial role in helping Renna achieve these goals. Their support, guidance, and encouragement have been invaluable, and her family is immensely grateful for the difference they have made in Renna’s life.

Renna’s story is a testament to the power of Early Intervention and the profound impact it can have on children with developmental challenges. Thanks to our amazing team of therapists and the determination of Renna and her family, Renna is making incredible strides and continues to reach new heights every day.