Thursday November 12, 2015
10-11:30 AM

Open Invitation

The Arc Alliance, Resources for Human Development and the MAX Association are extremely concerned that in the midst of 5 month Budget impasse, liquor and pension discussions and arguments over shale tax, the needs of Pennsylvanians with significant disabilities are being forgotten.  In recent years, there have been severe cuts to crucial human services funding that our neighbors and friends depend on. These cuts, along with the current budget impasse, have had a real impact on Montgomery County human service providers, the people they serve and the families of those people. Last week the Montgomery County Department of Behavioral health announced that after four months of using county reserves to pay invoices to human service providers, the county is no longer able to make these payments, which could result in providers having to close their doors.

The Arc Alliance, Resources for Human Development, and the MAX Association are hosting Montgomery county Legislators and concerned families who have a loved one with special needs to discuss and address the impact budget impasse is having.  With anticipation of potentially over 100 families and individuals with special needs in attendance, several Montgomery County Legislators, legislative aids and county commissioner representatives will assemble on November 12 from 10-11:30 AM at The Arc Alliance Administrative Offices to candidly discuss the issues with families being affected.

The Arc of Alliance has met with legislators, demonstrated, and advocated—that the House and Senate budget proposal is still one that does not adequately addressed the needs of Pennsylvanians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Pennsylvania has 14,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities waiting for services. There are thousands of young adults-with disabilities who are not working but could be with the right supports. Families are struggling, and Pennsylvanians with disabilities deserve better.  Many of these individuals have been on the waiting list for years, never receiving the services they urgently need.  The current budget must be addressed but as important is the need to look to the future and resolve the ongoing lack of support families in our community deserve.

Providing community access to people with disabilities and supporting their families is a core responsibility of our state government. This budget impasse and the lack of support amount to a serious hit to the already underfunded programs needed daily by people with disabilities, their families, and their caregivers. The Arc of Alliance asks that this year’s budget be resolved and as budget negotiations resume for the coming year, Governor Wolf and our legislators do better for Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Don’t let some of our most vulnerable citizens get lost in the political shuffle.

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