Our Mission

The Arc Alliance is committed to support individuals of all ages with developmental and other disabilities and their families, by providing exceptional personal services, support and training; inspiring hope, potential, and well-being, ensuring valued life experiences and treatment expected by all people.

Our Core Values

People First

All people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined by their own strengths, abilities, and inherit value, not by their disability.


All people with intellectual & developmental disabilities are entitles to the respect, dignity, safety, and security accorded to other members of society, and are equal before the law.


All people with intellectual & developmental in the community have a fundamental moral, civil, and constitutional right to be fully included and actively participate in all aspects of society.


The Arc Alliance believes in self-determination and self-advocacy. people with intellectual & developmental disabilities can make decisions about their own lives, with appropriate resources and support. They must be heard on issues that affect their well-being.


The Arc Alliance believes that society in general, and The Arc in particular, benefit from the contributions of people with diverse personal characteristics (including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location and type of disability)

National Affiliation

We are an affiliate of The Arc of the United States with nearly 700 state and local chapters, and the largest nation community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Commitment to Individuals & Families

Since the late 1970’s, The Arc Alliance’s primary mission was to provide early intervention services to all children and advocacy to all persons with developmental disabilities. The Arc Alliance, The Arc of Pennsylvania, and The Arc of the United States all were founded in the early 1950’s by parents of children with a disability.  The Arc Alliance continues to be a family driven organization and The Arc Alliance leadership and its Board of Directors continues to have a majority of board members who have a member of their family with a developmental disability.  This includes parents, grandparents, siblings, and persons with developmental disabilities

Ways To Give

There are endless ways to support The Arc Alliance Foundation that will benefit the individuals with disabilities we serve.  Learn more here or choose an option below