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Pediatric Out Patient Clinic

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of The Arc Alliance Outpatient Therapy for children ages 3-21. Today families have an adaptive child and family focused physical, occupational, speech, and feeding pediatric therapeutic option, providing service in the most convenient settings. Call today for your initial consultation 610-382-5829.

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services has been providing therapy for children with special needs for well over 30 years. Our professional and compassionate pediatric therapists provide decades of experience with children who face multi-tiered and complicated therapeutic conditions. Our holistic approach provides both hands on therapy for the child and family training enhancing and strengthening the therapy provided. In addition to providing therapeutic care at The Arc Alliance, 3075 Ridge Pike, Eagleville PA we are on the move and can work with children at home, daycare, or wherever is most convenient for their family.

The Arc Alliance Outpatient Therapy takes pediatric therapy care to the next level for children with physical, occupational, speech, and feeding needs. The vast experience of The Arc Alliance Outpatient Therapy Staff provides families the confidence that their child is being cared for by qualified, compassionate, and time-tested professionals.

Occupational Therapy

Children’s occupational therapy improves the areas of fine motor, visual perception and cognition through purposeful everyday activities. The areas addressed include hand skills, sensory function, eating, self-care, social skills and play/leisure skills

Physical Therapy

Children’s physical therapy addresses the development of gross motor skills, including rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking as well as balance and coordination. Physical therapy rehabilitate musculoskeletal deficits occurring with physical disabilities, or after accident, sports and orthopedic injuries, and surgeries.

Speech and Language Therapy

Children’s speech and language therapy addresses the communication needs of children. Speech therapists work on language comprehension and pronunciation skills. Alternative communication systems for nonverbal children can also be developed through speech therapy. Feeding therapy services assess and treat oral motor dysfunctions, taste and texture transition difficulties, and abnormal mealtime behaviors. These services are provided in conjunction with the appropriate medical staff consultation to ensure safe and healthy feeding patterns.

The Arc Alliance, Founded December 14, 1951, by eight concerned parents, is a leading proponent of the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In the early years the agency was known as The Arc of Montgomery County. Since then, The Arc Alliance experienced continued growth and now covers Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, and Chester Counties as well as parts of other surrounding counties.  During its proud history, The Arc Alliance has added to its community education activities, early intervention services and individual advocacy functions, personal services that offer individual assistance with money Management, social, health and life decisions.  Today we are excited to offer The Arc Alliance Outpatient Therapy furthering our support and commitment to our community!

For more information or to set up an initial consultation please contact The Arc Alliance Outpatient Therapy staff at 610-382-5829. The Arc Alliance is excited to support your child and family!