Sarah Knorr is a young woman and although she is still in school, she has created her own dog treat business. With the help of her mom Sybrina, Dog Bites by Sarah treats are made in their home and sold at local events, in-person, and online. What separates these treats from others is that they’re all natural.

The origins of this business started out when Sarah attended 4-H Center’s cooking club where they made dog treats. Since Sarah doesn’t have a dog, she shared them with her neighbors. Then during a snow day in March 2017, Sarah and Sybrina made more dog treats, packaged them, and walked around their neighborhood to sell. Since March, the business has grown and Dog Bites by Sarah has filled over 400 treat orders.

Sarah’s favorite part about making dog treats is following the recipe and mixing all the ingredients together. Her favorite part about selling them is meeting new dogs, which has increased her comfortability around large dogs. Of course, Sarah enjoys earning money and her favorite thing to buy is makeup.

Dog Bites by Sarah is allowing Sarah to gain employment skills. Eventually, Sarah’s dream is to have a two-story retail space which serves two purposes. One floor would be a dog treat store and the other floor would be a spa, which includes facials, makeup, hair styling, and hair salon.

If interested in purchasing all-natural dog treats, visit Dog Bites by Sarah online at or email