Music Class Winter 2016

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Training Opportunities for All Staff:

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Early Intervention for Staff and Contractors


Consult Form
Quarterly Outcome Form
Consult Form
Quarterly Outcome Form
Consult Form
Quarterly Outcome Form — Formatta Link
Montco EI Partnership Agreement revised 1-12-15 (checkboxes)  —  fill out at Initial, 6 Month Review, Annual
Consult Form
Quarterly Progress Monitor Form_Montco 0-3   — as of 7/1/2016


Early Intervention Record Release Form revised
Feeding – physician prescription form – 7-19-16
First Day of Service updated 12-19-14
IFSP Form Sections for Annual
INVOICE The Arc Alliance Children’s Services (revised 1-20-16)
Prescription and Health Appraisal Form
Post Meeting Report
Session Note
Session Note Tip Sheet 
Training Certificate for The Arc Alliance Children’s Services

0-3 Interventionist Transition Quesionnaire MCIU (PDF fillable form)  **RECENTLY ADDED**

Contractor Cover and Report Form – revised 10-1-14
Translation Invoice
W-9 (rev. Dec 2014)

Preservice Support Handbook (update pending)
Scabies Info

Computer and iPhone Tips
Set up your voicemail on iPhone 6
Turning Off Smart Quotes
How to Clear Cookies, Temp Files and History
Copy and Paste in Word or Excel Tip Sheet
Word Count – How to do in Microsoft Word
Pop-Up Block Tip Sheet

Ounce Developmental Profiles
Decision Tree for the Child Outcome Summary Form Rating Discussions
ECO Data Reporting 10-18-11
Directions for Determining ECO Rating for Entry and Exit Data
M-CHAT-R-TM—-test  (Chester County)
M-CHAT-R-TM—-scoring  (Chester County)
Sensory Profile Score Sheet
Sensory Profile Questionnaire Birth-6 Months
Sensory Profile Questionnaire 7-36 Months

Adaptive Behavior Domain Scoring Form
Cognitive Domain Scoring Form
Communication Domain Scoring Form 
Examiner Summary Sheet
Physical Development Domain Scoring Form
Social-Emotional Domain Scoring Form

Appendix A – Converting Raw Scores to Age Equivalents
Appendix B – Age 10 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 11 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 12-13 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 14-15 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 16-18 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 19-21 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 22-24 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 25-27 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 28-30 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 31-33 Months Scoring
Appendix B – Age 34-36 Months Scoring
Appendix C – Converting Standard Scores to Percentile Ranks
Appendix D – Converting Sums of Subdomain Standard Scores to Domain Standard Scores
Appendix E – Converting Sums of Domain Standard Scores to General Development Index


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Early Intervention Technical Assistance Online Learning Portal – Professional Development

EI MANDATORY:  Annual Training Series for Infant Toddler EI Professionals 2015-2016

  • Responding to Diversity – Cultural Competency
  • Infant/Toddler EI Procedural Safeguards – Procedural Safeguards & Mediation
  • Early Intervention Transition at Three – Transition

Once completed, this series allows you to receive 1 Infant/Toddler credit hour. You can do the job aids in any order and can do them across time. Once all 3 are marked complete, you will be able to access a certificate, which includes documentation of the Infant/Toddler credit hour.


  1. Child Abuse and Neglect Guide 2015 Montco    “1 hour ARTICLE”
  2. Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse – Mandated and Permissive Reporting in PA –   
    “3 hour online training”    If you are a brand new staff or contractor with The Arc Alliance Children’s Services you are required to do this Mandated Reporting training within 90 days of hire. Upon license renewal for therapists and all teachers this training will be required every 2 years.

Confidentiality Power Point PDF
Confidentiality and HIPAA Privacy Post-Test Quiz Click here to submit form




 **NEW** EI Chester County Training

Measuring Outcomes that are Functional Meaningful  – Training Hours = 1 
Quarterly Measuring Outcomes Post-Test – Click here to submit form

Best Practices in Child Care Protocol – Chester County EI 4/1/16  – Training Hours = .5 


Cross Systems Collaboration: BHRS & EI Services — click here for LINK –  Training Hours = 2 


This course is divided into 4 modules and can be taken all at once or as the person has the time to complete.  The course will bookmark where the user left off so they can pick it back up when they return to it.  At the completion of each module is a brief quiz that users are required to take before moving on.  At full completion the course allows the user to generate a certificate of completion that MUST BE submitted to The Arc Alliance Program and/or Contract Coordinator.

Technical Requirements – please note this Moodle course is not compatible with Internet Explorer.  You must view this course in Firefox or Google Chrome.   Navigate to the CCIU elearning login page.  Use enrollment key BHRS15 to access  the course.

Create Account:  For full access to courses, create a new account.  Each of the individual courses may also have a one-time enrollment key which you won’t need until later.  Here are the steps:

  1. Fill out the New Account form with your details
  2. An email will be sent immediately to your email address
  3. Read your email and click on the web link it contains
  4. Your account will be confirmed and your will be logged in
  5. Now select the course you want to participate in

If you are prompted for an enrollment key, use the one you have been given and you will have access to the full course.  From now on you will only need to enter your personal user name and password on the login page to access any course you have enrolled in.


Autism Navigator Course

Autism Navigator Course. A free on-line (2) hour course About Autism in Toddlers is available for families, professionals and physicians from Autism Navigator. It can be accessed by registered for the course using the link:


ARTICLES FOR TRAINING:  30 minutes each

Training Outcome Submission Form Click here to submit form


Dealing with Difficult People – Psychology Today:

Dealing with Difficult People – Think Simple Now:

Sensory Integration Articles and Resources:

Articles for OT CEUs:–

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Integration:

The Hanen Centre Articles:

Enhancing the Language Development of Young Children:

Language Development in Children:

Young Children’s Oral Language Development:

The Goal and Opportunity of Physical Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome:

Imitation Therapy in Young Children with Autism:

Grounding Early Intervention:  Physical Therapy Cannot Just Be About Motor Skills Anymore:

Attention, Joint Attention, and Social Cognition:

Joint Attention and Social Referencing:

Forever Free – Georgia Pathway to Language & Literacy:

How to Improve Joint Attention Skills in Young Children with Autism:

Benefits of Sign Language for Early Childhood Education Centers:

Babies and Sign Language:

Including Sign Language in Early Childhood Curriculum:

How to Use Positive Reinforcement to Address Child Behavior Problems:

How to Use Positive Reinforcement for Children:

The Four Styles of Parenting:

Parenting Styles:  A Guide for the Science-Minded:

Behavior Problems in Children and How to Deal with Them:

6 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore:


Understanding Transition – The Early Intervention System from Birth to 3 to Three to 5
How to add Yoga into your EI Therapy
EI Developing a Behavior Support Model
Transition by OCDEL May, 2013
MC-EI-Transition Powerpoint 11-7-16      **NEW**
Floor Time Basics – Let’s Play
Natural Environments Article
Parenting Spectrum Children
What is PECS
Sign – But I want my child to talk!
When Do Children with Down Syndrome Enter the One-Word Stage
A Feeding Guide for Good Nutrition – Food Groups and Serving Sizes
Ways to Help a Child Who is Underweight



FORM 17020 Payroll -Absence Authorization (PDF fillable)
FORM 17010 Payroll – Automatic Deposits



Child Abuse Portal – Online Site to Obtain Child Abuse Certification – Individuals applying for their Child Abuse History Certification can apply, and if applicable, pay online.  Applicant will be provided their results electronically.  Please note that the term “clearance” has been changed in the law to “certification”, so that these two terms have the same meaning.

For applicants who prefer to apply for their Child Abuse History Certification by paper, DHS will continue to accept paper applications. Please know that submitting a paper application takes additional time to process.

For individuals applying for their Child Abuse History Certification for non-volunteer purposes, the fee has been reduced to $8.  DHS will be issuing refunds for overpayment of fees for those applications that were submitted after July 25, 2015.  For applications submitted with an overpayment prior to July 25, 2015, no refund will be issued.

For individuals applying for their Child Abuse History Certification for volunteer purposes,  the fee has been waived and no payment is required.  For those applicants submitting payment with an application for volunteer purposes, the application will be processed and the payment will be returned.

Child Abuse Form Online – English – see above
Child Abuse Form Online – Spanish – see above
PA State Police Criminal Record Check Online
FBI Criminal Background Check Instructions Online
Fingerprinting MCIU Flyer
Authorization for Automatic Deposit
Disability Parking Application