DSCF49481-225x300When we found out after our son Evan was born that he had Down syndrome, we knew right away that Early Intervention would be an integral part of his birth to three years. Evan’s case was assigned to The Arc Alliance, and I am so glad that it was. The therapists from The Arc Alliance are dedicated, and they go above and beyond to help our son. Each of his therapists is assigned to help Evan for an hour or two each week, but they often text, call or email when they have new suggestions or opportunities for him. They are always working on solutions for Evan and all the kids they serve. They’ve quickly become part of our family, as they are as dedicated to our son’s success as we are.

My husband and I consider ourselves very lucky. We’ve been able to provide Evan with many tools/toys/items that contribute to success in therapy. But in conversations with the therapists and the social worker in the organization, I have learned that there are often challenges because not every family is so fortunate. What resonates with me is one conversation with the social worker. She told me she visited a family in a nearby town where the children were playing with wire hangers because they were all the children had to play with. From that day forward, I am constantly on the lookout for toys that I can donate to The Arc Alliance so that no child faces a time without toys or therapy without toys that facilitate development of their motor skills. It was amazing to me that there are so many families so close to home that are in need. There are far more families in need than I can help on my own, so I’m exploring additional avenues for help.

The Arc Alliance approaches local companies and families for donations/assistance in meeting their goals and their mission. Budgets each year grow more and more challenging, as state and county budgets are shrinking. Through support from local companies and families The Arc Alliance can do more, though their budget from the government is less. The Arc Alliance would appreciate any donation that you could provide to help the children they serve achieve.

With kind regards, Julie Gerhart