Welcome to The Arc Alliance Supports Coordination Organization.

The Arc Alliance Advocacy organization provides Supports Coordination Services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are here to assist you and your loved one with intellectual and developmental disabilities navigate the system, access services, and monitor those services received to ensure health and safety for your loved one in the Intellectual Disability system. We have gathered information and resources on our site to assist you in the process. If you ever need assistance or simply have a question please feel free to contact us at any time.

Registering for Support Coordination Services

In order to register for Supports Coordination services, contact your local County Office for an intake. Eligibility in based on having an Intellectual Disability diagnosis prior to the age of 22. You always have a choice for what Supports Coordination Organization you would like to receive services from at the time of registration and at any point thereafter.

Berks County: (610) 236-0530
Bucks County: (215) 444-2800
Chester County: (610) 344-6265
Delaware County: (610) 713-2406
Montgomery County: (610) 278-5666
Philadelphia County: (215) 685-4677

Once you are registered for services, a Supports Coordinator will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs and goals. This meeting can take place at your home or any convenient location to you.

For more information, please contact You can also contact our office at 610-265-4700. We are happy to assist with any questions.

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Waiver Services Process

The Intellectual Disability (ID) Waiver is a Medicaid program that pays for needed services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Unlike school, which is entitlement-based, a waiver is completely needs-based. The waiver is the last resort for funding for services after all other avenues of support have been exhausted. People may qualify for funding for services, but they are not guaranteed since ID waivers have waiting lists. It is important to keep in contact with your Supports Coordinator so that they are aware of your needs and can best advocate for funding for services if needed.

Steps to address waiver needs

If you are in need of waiver services, you and your Supports Coordinator will complete the following steps:

  1. Meet with your Supports Coordinator and team members to determine what services are needed. There are many services available. Your Supports Coordinator will discuss these services with you, based upon your needs and interests.
  2. Your Supports Coordinator creates a PUNS which stands for Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services. The purpose of this is to lay out the services needed so the county can get a clearer picture of the person’s needs and also which waiver would be appropriate.
  3. Your Supports Coordinator submits additional information to the county office. Each county requires different paperwork, but usually information about medical, functional-levels, financials, and other areas of life will be collected. Also throughout this process, your Supports Coordinator will assist with locating service providers.
  4. The county reviews all the paperwork submitted and determines who receives waiver. The timeline for this varies greatly, depending on need, ID/D system budget, and waiver slots available. If the county approves you for a waiver, your Supports Coordinator will let you know. Then, the services you have chosen are added to the ISP and submitted to the county for approval. Once the ISP is approved and the date to begin services starts, your waiver has officially begun!

Alternative Options

If you currently don’t have a waiver, or are waiting for one, here are some alternative options:

  • Natural Supports- This can include family members, friends, neighbors, and local agencies such as OVR (which provides employment-related services) or United Way.
  • Alternative Waivers- There are other waivers available through other program offices, such as the Office of Long-Term Living. The Arc Alliance and other Supports Coordination Organizations do not deal with these waivers directly, but can provide general information about these waivers and contact information to these offices.
  • You can also contact your local legislator to advocate funding for the waiting list. You can go to to get information about your local legislators and helpful information about items to include in conversation.
  • Even if you don’t have a Medicaid waiver, you can still receive Supports Coordination services.
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Community Based Resources

The Arc Alliance Support Coordination Services is dedicated to providing resources and supports to enable individuals the opportunity to become as independent, engaged, and as active in their community as possible. The challenge for you and your family may simply be identifying what’s available in the community and if it will fit your needs.

The resources provided here are simply a sample of the options and networks our team has available to assist you today. Please take a few moments to investigate the categories and options listed. If you don’t see a category or listing that addresses your need, please reach out to your Supports Coordinator, they regularly receive updates, notifications, and have access to a network of community based opportunities in our region.

In addition, please review both our activities calendar as well as our Facebook page for current listings and available resources.

Helpful Links of Services & Supports

PA Secondary Transition Guide:

Dream Partnership:

The Peal Center:

Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network:

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation:

Works for Me PA:

State Employment Leadership Network:

Community of Practice for Supporting Families:

Quality Mall:

Parent to Parent of PA:

Easter Seals:

PA Families Inc:

Networks for Training and Development:

American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:

Social Security:

PA ABLE Savings Program:

Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund:

Compass (Applying for Benefits):


CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program):

County Assistance Office Locations:

Heating Assistance/ LIHEAP:

Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care:

Mental Health Association in PA:

Department of Human Services:

Mental Health Association in PA:


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):

Berks County Crisis Intervention: 610-236-0530

Bucks County Mental Health Crisis: 1-800-499-7455

Chester County Valley Creek Crisis Center: 1-877-918-2100

Montgomery County Emergency Services Crisis Intervention: 610-279-6100

Philadelphia County DBHIDS Suicide & Crisis Intervention: 215-686-4420

Legal Aid of Southeastern PA:

PA Health Law Project:

Juvenile Law Center:

DHS Reporting Abuse and Fraud:

National Organization for Victim’s Assistance:

Victim’s Services Center:

Danny’s Wish:


National Autism Association (NAA):

PA Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF):

Team Children:

Temple’s Tech Owl:

Social Groups
Fosters individualized friendships for people with and without an IDD diagnosis, with chapters for middle school, high school, college, and adults.
A friendly, supportive virtual meeting group for adults ages 18 and older who are diagnosed with autism.
Offers social strategies for children pre-K through 5th grade diagnosed with ADHD, social anxiety, and language disorder.
A welcoming place for all people, offering activities like open mic and games.
A virtual, drop-in support group for young adults ages 16-29.
Supports families through resource meetings, virtual workshops, service navigation, and more.
Free, virtual support group for parents/caregivers of adults (17+) with disabilities.
Matches a parent to a “mentor” parent to act as a peer support person.

If you are a parent, family member of a person or individual receiving Intellectual disAbility Services in Philadelphia and looking to make a connection in your area, please contact the following:

  • NW Family Support Group
    Germantown, Mount Airy, Chestnut Hill Representative: Verna Edwards –215-301-0436

  • Heart of the Family
    Center City / South Philly Parent Support Representative: Marjorie Anderson – 267-307-6915

  • There’s A Place For Us Support Group
    North Philadelphia Representative: Cleo Dupree – 215-329-5219

  • Abrienodo Caminos a los Latinos con Families”
    Exceptional Families “ (Latinos Support Group) Liaison: Marisol Ramos – 267-773-5296

  • Roxborough Parent Support Group
    Roxborough Representative: Carol Costello – 215-487-1240

  • West Philadelphia Parent Support Group
    West Philadelphia, Mantua, Overbrook & SW Philadelphia, Winfield Representative: Doreatha Davis- 215-303-3501
A virtual, drop-in support group for young adults ages 16-29.

Community Based Resources
Every county in PA has a CIL designed to provide a variety of independence skills to people with disabilities.
A life-planning and community online platform for people of any age and/or caregivers.
Free instructional videos on daily tasks and online safety. or call 484-596-5000 Work with a driver rehabilitation specialist through Bryn Mawr Rehab to enhance necessary skills to get safely on the road.
Sends audio and braille books for PA residents who have difficulty using standard print materials and have a diagnosis of blind, deaf-blind, visual disability, physical disability, or reading disability. or call 1-800-232-0233 Order 4 free COVID tests per household. Deaf and hard-of-hearing people and those using sign language, text, or Video Relay Service can call The Disability Information and Access Line (DIAL) directly at 1-888-677-1199 or by using 711.
Tune into Abilities in Motion’s podcast for real conversation, no-nonsense talk from everyday people with disabilities living their most independent everyday lives. or call 484-596-5000 Work with a driver rehabilitation specialist through Bryn Mawr Rehab to enhance necessary skills to get safely on the road.
An audio series on a dedicated topic with a targeted audience in mind.

County-Specific Miscellaneous Resources

BCTV- Berks County’s public access channel has an online community calendar

Abilities in Motion- Call 610-376-0010 with questions about COVID vaccines and for assistance with locating and scheduling your vaccine or booster

Helping Harvest- Offers food pantries and soup kitchens

Bucks County Alive- List of food pantries in alphabetical order

Chester County Food Bank- Map with food providers and hot meal sites

Meals on Wheels- Delivering well-balanced meals to homebound residents

Delaware County- Lists programs for baby items, child nutrition programs, and food assistance.

Administrative Case Management (ACM) helps MontCo families obtain Medicaid/Medical Assistance for children ages 0-21. ACM works with any child, regardless of diagnosis or insurance plan.

Virtual Resource Expo a virtual company directory with organized lists of disability-related agencies in Montgomery County.

MontCo Anti-Hunger Network- Search the map to find a local food pantry.

Department of Public Health’s ‘In-Home COVID Vaccination Program’ in-home COVID vaccines for people experiencing barriers to their Philadelphia community

Coalition Against Hunger- Search the map to find a local food pantry.

Face to Face Germantown: or call 215-438-7939 For social, legal, and health services as well as hot meals for those experiencing food insecurity. Located at 123 East Price St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

Philadelphia Autism Project: supports people with autism and their families through education, connections, and innovation

DBHIDS Trauma Initiatives and Resources Programming to ensure populations most impacted by immediate and prolonged trauma are given the resources, tools, and supports to heal and ultimately thrive

Individual Achievement Spotlight


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The Advocacy Insider

The Arc Alliance Supports Coordination Organization (SCO) issues a quarterly newsletter called The Advocacy Insider, which is sent to all people receiving services from our SCO.

The Advocacy Insider contains community events, resources, spotlight features on people receiving services, and much more! Click on an issue to read it.
To submit an idea or volunteer for the opportunity to possibly be featured in our next issue, please email

Volume 5- Issue 2: Spring 2021 (PDF)
Volume 5- Issue 3: Summer 2021 (PDF)
Volume 5- Issue 4: Fall 2021 (PDF)
Volume 6- Issue 1: Winter 2022 (PDF)

Supports Coordination Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Jessica Wagaman Executive Director (717) 468-4627
Colleen Farrell SCO Director (484) 868-1524
Sue Mumbauer SCO Director (484) 919-3894
Matt Maikits ISP Reviewer/Supervisor (484) 868-0961
Kevin Amos Intake Coordinator (484) 213-7648
Ashley Wittmer ISP Reviewer/Supervisor (484) 213-7662
Amanda Hundley Quality Improv. Manager (610) 996-1300
Sylvia Sypien Quality Coordinator (484) 213-7750
Ashley Volling Program Support Specialist (610) 382-5803
Emily Allen SC Supervisor (484) 213-7711
Aaron Mathew SC (484) 919-2024
Rosezina Moy SC (484) 213-7775
Heather Myers SC (484) 919-0709
Jacqueline Zugschwert SC (484) 612-8869
Tim Connors SC Supervisor (484) 680-5763
Ester Genkin SC (484) 868-5851
Shelley Nagle SC (484) 868-6154
Nancy Tasker SC (484) 680-0869
Nadirah Wilson SC (610) 809-4608
Amy Daly SC Supervisor (484) 868-8021
Natalie Draham SC (484) 868-0432
Andrew Ostroski SC (484) 213-7684
Julia Moore SC Supervisor (484) 919-7440
Elaina Acker SC (484) 868-2101
Zachary Brown SC (484) 213-7764
Erin Crockett Intake Coordinator (484) 213-7772
Nicolle Cwalino SC (484) 881-2668
Megan Welby SC (484) 868-0422
Nicole Pehlman SC Supervisor (267) 693-5094
Ryan Dodds SC (484) 868-0429
Aisha Johnson SC (484) 868-2999
John Montgomery SC (484) 680-9157
Kassandra Qawasmy SC (484) 919-2909
Nicole Thomas SC Supervisor (484) 868-0438
David Johnson SC (484) 238-6870
Natasha McCray SC (484) 213-7790
Emily Smith SC (484) 612-2965
Lucy Tartal SC (610) 764-8754
Jay Valente SC Supervisor (484) 680-9355
Linda Chesney SC (484) 612-2432
Sydney CitaraManis SC (484) 680-4244
Tyesha Hamilton-Wills SC (610) 551-6931
Ashley Miller SC (484) 868-0440