AHCA/Medicaid block grants – potential negative impact

On Wednesday May 17, 2017 Julie Gerhart-Rothholz,  participated in a press conference with Senator Casey & Senator Maggie Hassan and an Occupational Therapist to address the AHCA and Medicaid block grants. As a parent and Boar Member of The Arc Alliance, Julie addressed the topic of how AHCA/Medicaid block grants can negatively impact her son Evan. Julie ended the session providing a significant context on this challenging issue. Link to Video It is extremely important for each of us to contact our legislators and tell them the potential impact these proposed changes will have on our loved ones. Join with Julie and let your voice be heard locally, state wide and nationally! Link to find your Legislator

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Paul Stengle’s interview of Nancy Thaler Deputy Secretary of the Office of Developmental Programs

On April 4th, 2017 Paul Stengle, CEO of The Arc Alliance, interviewed Nancy Thaler, Deputy Secretary of the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), about updates with ODP and the potential impact on individuals and families. Paul Stangle and The Arc Alliance community, thanks Deputy Secretary Thaler, for her willingness to participate and her candid responses in this interview. As you will see there are significant changes taking place and The Arc Alliance is here for you and your family with resources and access to decision makers at each level. Below is the link to the full 27 minute interview. LINK To full interview taped Tuesday April 4th You are also able to view clips of the interview on The Arc Alliance Facebook Page. LINK TO [...]

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Chandler Balch – Oh the places you may go!

You can click your heels three times, and say there’s no place like home, but after you say that, where will you end up? Today we are going to discuss pros and cons of different living arrangements that you can use to help your young adult live independently. Understand that this is not an exhaustive list but several issues I have discovered. Also remember that each option has both financial and personal freedom costs that each individual and family needs to consider. For example, what’s the level of freedom/independence are you willing to forgo in order to have specific services? These are not easy questions but essential when looking into the future. First things first, before we discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the [...]

Chandler Balch – Happy Holidays to All! Here’s wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs from 2016.  My latest blog on waivers had a lot of information which I hope will be helpful.  My plan for 2017 is to continue to post blogs about applying for Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), applying for Social Security, different living options, and more.  I look forward to sharing my transition to adulthood with all of you in 2017. I would like to thank all of the legislators for taking time out to meet with me and I would also like to congratulate Paul on celebrating his 31st anniversary as CEO of The Arc Alliance. In this season of [...]

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Chandler Balch – God’s Will

Hello everybody, Chandler hard at work Have you heard the song called “God’s Will”? I found it this past weekend and boy is it good. “Some people say it’s a miracle that I will live, I guess you could say it was God’s will to let me live.” Today the blog will be about a video that is the embodiment of those words of the song by Martina McBride aptly named God’s Will. In the video, Martina is sitting on a park bench watching a boy with a disability and his mother. A violin starts to play and then she begins to sing, “I met God’s Will on a Halloween night, he was dressed as a bag of leaves”. You can see the [...]

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Chandler Balch – Just say Hi!

Hello everybody, What should you do when you see someone with a disability? How about, saying Hi! Today I watched some videos on Cerebral Palsy. These videos were very short and to the point. These videos were PSAs about how to speak to a person with a disability. In one of these videos, actor William H. Macy was asked, “How do you say hello to a person with a disability?” “Umm, Hi.” It might be plain and simple, but it is the truth. These videos say to just say “hello” to a person with any disability, we are just like everybody else. The PSA’s are basically telling you that you should not be afraid to talk to us, because we will most like to [...]

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Chandler Balch – Movie Theater Employs People with Disabilities

Hello everybody, today my blog is about a news story that I saw online. Today I was tasked with finding a current event to write about so I saw a video about a movie theater where all of the theater’s employees have disabilities. I'm going to give you my thoughts on that video. I thought the video was very interesting. The owner of the theater is a perfect representation of why I am doing this campaign. She already knows that everyone is different, but even though most of her employees have disabilities, she still treats them as if they were not disabled. I think that it is very awesome that there is a person like her offering people with disabilities jobs. Her employees have [...]

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Chandler – Inspiring Actor

Chandler hard at work Today my blog is about a video that I watched called, Adrian the Inspiring Actor. To watch the video click here… I am going to give you my thoughts on the video. I thought the video was very well put together. It had a lot of intriguing information. Adrian’s confidence was increasing because he was going to college. Another thought that I had about the video was, I thought it was really neat that Adrian overcame so many obstacles to get to where he is now. For instance, he is now able to load and unload the dishwasher. He could not do those things when he was younger. If it was not for his brother Gabriel, he [...]

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This is what autism looks like in toddlers

Hi, Here is a great video about Autism in Toddlers that one of our staff sent. They thought it would be good to have for families who have a child on the Autism spectrum. As awareness of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) grows, parents are becoming increasingly vigilant of the signs of the neurodevelopment condition. However, the younger the child, the more subtle the behaviours can be. The average age of ASD diagnosis is four years of age, despite the fact that about half of children with this disorder may be detected by age 14 months. Detecting the signs of ASD as soon as possible is important to start the process of diagnosis and early intervention. Traditionally, parents use checklists like this to monitor their child's development. However, [...]

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