How do charitable organizations provide quality service and support?

Unfortunately, at the expense of critical infrastructural resources! The Arc Alliance is a charitable organization that provides both quality and cutting edge services as well as family supports. We strive to provide staff and families the most current technologies in order to facilitate communication and efficiency. The cost to provide such a valued and required resource is daunting.

The challenge of technology has many facets, the rate of progress, cost to maintain and capacity to implement are just a few. Like many charitable organizations we do everything possible to maintain the technology resources we posses and provide to staff. The reality is that constant upgrades are required to simply keep running in turn making advances challenging.

Your support is needed and appreciated. If you are interested in personally or as a family, assisting The Arc Alliance with technology, you can simply make a restricted gift online or through sending your gift by check with a note in the memo for Technology. We welcome you engagement in our initiative as well. If you are interested in discovering how you or your business could participate in this initiative as a sponsor or part of our Technology Task Force please contact us today. Email Contact

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