The joy in a child’s face is absolutely priceless! When you couple that joy with a families emotional appreciation it can be humbling.  This past Wednesday night  The Arc Alliance Children’s Services partnered with our local Ambucs Chapter to provide four families and their child with a first tryke.

As you can see from the sampling of images below, it was a great night. The Arc Alliance Children’s Services has had many opportunities and the privilege to partner with Ambucs and provide children with a Tryke Bike. On this night, we were happy to assemble four families and finalize the measurements and adjustments to each child’s unique Tryke. It was awesome watching each child light up when they realized it was their own Tryke Bike. Equally fun was seeing parents light up when their child road, pushed or simply looked at their new bike.

These Trykes assist with the development of muscle, coordination and motor skills. The continued developmental progress each of these children will make is great, but the sheer joy on their faces was priceless! On behalf of The Arc Alliance Children’s Services I would like to thank George, Gene and Rich from Ambucs for all the work they do in support of families and thanks to Beth from The Arc Alliance Children’s Services for coordinating this great night!

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