We are the proud parents of a one year old named Julianna. Without the grace of God and the services provided by The Arc Alliance, Julianna would not have been able to live the quality of life that she currently enjoys.

Our family (11 and 13 year old sons + Julianna) has been through quite a dramatic year. If you have children of your own, I am sure that not too much detail needs to be gone into regarding what has occurred. Julianna has endured two open heart surgeries, and is expected to not be in danger of losing her life now due to heart problems. Throughout the time that Julianna has been well, we have been blessed with therapists and teachers managed by The Arc Alliance.

This team of professionals has been able to bring our strong little girl to a point at which her Down Syndrome seems to not even be an issue. Without the continued supervision and support of The Arc Alliance, I fear for what may happen to Julianna and our family. I also fear for other less fortunate people whose only connection to well being is supported by these wonderful caring people at The Arc Alliance.

My family supports The Arc Alliance and I ask you to consider how you can support this mighty work.