Participate in

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

It’s as easy as wearing a purple ribbon.

Have you marked June 15 on your calendar and will you be wearing purple that day?

Join the National Guardianship Association in supporting World Elder Abuse Awareness Day to demonstrate that guardians, conservators and fiduciaries are among the leaders who want to bring recognition and ultimately an end to elder abuse and neglect around the world.

We are already getting reports from members who have planned special activities for WEAAD.

You can be part of this major effort in one very easy way…wear purple on June 15.

Even the traditional purple ribbon will work.  When someone asks about the purple, you’ll have a perfect opening to talk about the problem of elder abuse and neglect in your own community and around the world.

It’s important to spread the word by telling people about your participation.

Personalize the attached news release and deliver directly to your local media to let them know that you are part of solving this international problem.

Time is short, but you can still implement one of these ideas.

ü  Blog, Tweet, or use your Facebook & LinkedIn pages to talk about your involvement.

ü  Put a message or a purple ribbon on your website.

ü  Write an article for your newsletter or the newsletter of a related organization.

ü  Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

ü  Encourage your Board of Directors, employees, friends and relatives to wear purple.

ü  Give a talk anyplace and then publicize it afterward even if your audience is small.

ü  Set up an interview with a local reporter (We’ve got tips on talking with the media.)

ü  Notify your local TV station that June 15 is WEAAD. (They probably don’t know.)

ü  Get your mayor, county officials or other government body to sign a proclamation.

Your best resource for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is where you will find a community tool kit booklet, free logos, posters that you can print, and more details.

Be part of a powerful impact in communities across the nation when every NGA member takes this one day — June 15 — to share this important story. Remember that even if you just wear a purple ribbon, each person is an important cog in an international campaign.