A letter of support written to state officials is a great investment of your time! Legislators take seriously family complaints and words of support. Below is a letter written by a mother of a Child The Arc Alliance serves. We can help you connect to your local officials if you would like to do the same!

Dear Senator:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and implore you to continue funding The Arc Alliance Children’s Services so that they are able to provide services to families and persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Montgomery, Berks and Buck’s Counties. The Arc Alliance’s webpage says “Achieve with us”, and their actions demonstrate such commitment. I became very familiar with and grateful for The Arc Alliance when my son Evan was born with Down syndrome.

It’s difficult to describe feelings parents have when they receive an unexpected diagnosis, but in an instant, your carefully laid plans are interrupted and your world tilts on its axis. My husband and I knew immediately that Early Intervention (EI) was critical, called to obtain EI services upon leaving the hospital with our son. Evan’s EI case landed at The Arc Alliance, one of four agencies in Montgomery County providing EI. Within two weeks, Evan was evaluated, and his therapy began before he was one month old. From the first visit, the goal was to help Evan achieve, and the focus was on all Evan could do and be. With that, we started to feel our world wasn’t so tilted.

Evan receives occupational, physical, and speech therapies and special instructor services from The Arc Alliance Children’s Services. His therapists are dedicated, persistent, and constantly learning. They share their ideas and listen to ours. They consult with each other to reinforce each other’s activities to propel Evan toward his goals. Evan’s therapists are also accessible beyond the time they’re assigned to him. They text, email, or call to share new ideas. They’re even willing to give up their free time to attend the National Down Syndrome Congress this summer so they can learn more to help Evan and other individuals with Down syndrome. What touches me most, though, is the genuine happiness Evan’s therapists express when he does something new.

Evan’s EI therapists go above and beyond for all the children they serve, regardless of ability, family income, or difficult schedule. They serve income challenged families and affluent ones and meet the needs of families of varying races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. They are energized by the children and have the philosophy that all differently able children deserve the same love, respect, and expectations as their typically developing peers.

The Arc Alliance Children’s Services is an asset to families in this region and is worthy of the state’s continued funding and support.


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