Amanda F. – Staff Spotlight

Amanda F. is a 32-year-old young lady, best known by Mandi. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face and has an infectious positive attitude. Mandi enjoys spending most of her free time outdoors. One of her favorite outdoor activities is fishing, but don’t worry Mandi always throws her catch back in the water! She loves to hike, kayak, go tubing, and just hang out with her friends. Mandi works at Giant as a grocery bagger. She stated, she loves bagging because she enjoys being around the customers and her co-workers. Mandi has incredible work ethic and takes pride in a job well done. Her friendly and outgoing personality make her a customer favorite. In her future, Mandi would love to live [...]

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Carol Scheuerman – Staff Spotlight

As a child, Carol found out that she had a brother with special needs who passed away before she was born. This gave her a passion for working with children. Carol was originally going to school to be a teacher. When she learned about her college’s physical therapy program and that she could work with children, Carol was interested. She’s been a physical therapist for over 30 years—including in California, on a Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and 10 years with The Arc Alliance). Carol develops deep relationships with her families that sometimes  last past the few years that she serves them. The service coordinators love working with Carol because she is nurturing to the families and a team player. She is that therapist [...]

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John Montgomery – Staff Spotlight

John Montgomery is a wonderful asset to the Arc Alliance. He always shows up to work with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. John is always a team player and is a joy to work alongside. He handles tough situations with grace and kindness. Seeing the bigger picture for someone is a talent John has. John strives to guide his individuals towards their dreams by discussing what they want in life and providing them a “road map” to get there. Making a connection is easy to do with him as he is very open about how much he cares. Everyone John supports is very lucky to have such a kind and understanding SC.

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Emily Allen – Staff Spotlight

Emily has been a Supports Coordinator with The Arc Alliance for 6 years.  Emily values the role she plays in enriching the quality of life for others.  Emily always maintains a person-centered approach, and ensures that the individuals on her caseload have a voice for what they want in life.  Emily has done a fantastic job in securing waiver funding for numerous individuals, as well as linking specific services to match the needs of those on her caseload.  Emily is a tireless advocate and never shies away from a challenge. Outside of work Emily is a loving mother of 2 children.  Family is everything to Emily, and she enjoys time spent with her husband, daughter, and son.  Emily is a super-mom, who enjoys volunteering [...]

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Amber Latsha – Staff Spotlight

Amber Latsha (Support Coordinator) has been with The Arc Alliance for 3 years and her individuals would describe her as friendly, helpful, and outgoing. She is the 2021 recipient of the Kathy Sykes it’s all about community award of excellence. She is a team player who has helped out when there are open caseloads.  She also has gone "beyond expectations" during the pandemic and brought groceries to families that didn't have food and has done wellness checks on individuals not on her caseload for suspected neglect.  Amber approaches each situation with a positive attitude and always puts the person’s needs and desires at the forefront.  She is a fierce advocate for all of her individuals and families.

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Jay Valente – Staff Spotlight

We've had the pleasure of being on Jay's team aka Seal team six since November 2015. Jay supervises 6 individuals and takes a  person-centered approach in working with his supports coordinators. This is important as instead of the supports coordinators fitting the mold of the supervisor, he has shaped his role to meet his support coordinators needs as they all bring different  strengths and needs to the table. Jay is not afraid to step up to the plate and back up a SC who needs support in a difficult situation or just be there for a SC whom needs emotional support. Hopefully Jay will continue his longevity as a supervisor as we could not picture a better supervisor than him!

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Tim Connors – Staff Spotlight

An action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others are all the ways to describe advocacy. Tim Connors does all of these actions for the individuals he serves on a regular basis. He is always there to help his individuals find their voices. Tim’s individuals are very lucky to have him as their Supports Coordinator as he always ensures their wants and wishes are heard. Tim leads his teams with respect and kindness which paves the way for a positive long term relationship. The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services is lucky to have Tim as a strong advocate and leader on their team.  

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Ashley W. – Staff Spotlight

Ashley W. has been an SC for 12 years and is an exemplary example of all the characteristics a SC should possess. The majority of her clientele she has had since then because they see her as an asset to their team. She was most recently selected as Supports Coordinator of the Month by Transition Consultants for April 2021. She also has been dealing with a difficult situation that includes an investigation for one of her individuals with compassion and unwavering determination.”

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Casey Sewell – Staff Spotlight

Please meet our new HR/Personnel Manager, Casey Sewell. Casey was previously a HR Generalist then a HR Admin/Special Projects Manager. She is currently completing her Masters on Human Resources Development from Drexel University which specializes in learning and performance, organizational development, employee retention and career development. Casey shared that it is a passion for her to work for an organization that supports and empowers others. She is looking forward to working with and supporting our staff that support all of the individuals and families we serve in the community. We look forward to getting to know and working with her and all the fresh ideas she will bring to The Arc Alliance family.

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Sylvia Sypien – Staff Spotlight

Despite being an SC Quality Coordinator for less than 8 months, Sylvia jumped into her new role with both feet, bringing fresh, creative ideas to improve existing programs and generate brand new ones. She's enhanced the SC orientation program by increasing check-ins and ensuring all trainings are compliant with COVID-related protocols. Sylvia has also volunteered lo be the backup ISP reviewer to assist our ISP Reviewer and SC Supervisor. She takes the time to meet individually with SCs, giving refresher trainings on new processes. Most recently, she has become certified in both Quality Management and Certified Investigations, achieving both within a 1-month timeframe. Her dedication and drive definitely do not go unnoticed. We can't wait to see what the future brings for Sylvia, and [...]

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